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Diary Of A Madman

Песня с альбома Ozzy OsbourneDiary of a Madman

Screaming at the window
Watch me die another day
Hopeless situation endless price I have to pay
Sanity now it's beyond me there's no choice

Diary of a madman
Walk the line again today
Entries of confussion
Dear diary I'm here to stay

Manic depression be friends me
Hear his voice
Sanity now it's beyond me there's no choice

A sickened mind and spirit
The mirror tells me lies
Could I mistake myself for someone
Who lives behind my eyes
??????? escape my soul
Or will he live in me
Is he tryin' to get out or tryin' to enter me

Voices in the darkness
Scream away my mental health
Can I ask a guestion
To help me save me from myself

Enemies fill up the pages
Are they me
Monday till sunday is stages
Set me free


Jet Records

Engineered by Max Norman; recorded at Ridge Farm Studious;
Strings on "Diary of a Madman" arranged by Lous Clark
Set by Ernie Spruces/Denis Richardson; make up by Cheryl Hubbard
Design by Steve 'Skull' Joule
Photography by Fin Costello & Tony Harrison

All songs written by Ozzy Osbourne, Randal Rhoads, Robert Daisley
and Lee Kerslake except "You can't kill rock'n'roll" and "Believer"
written by Ozzy Osbourne, Randal Rhoads and Robert Daisley

(C)1981 Blizzard music Ltd. All rights reserved, lised by permission
(P)1981 Jet Records/pistributed by CBS Records/manufactured in Holland

Produced by Max Norman, Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads

Ozzy Osbourne - vocals
Randy Rhoads - guitars
Rudy Sarzo - bass
Tommy Aldridge - drums


printed by Metal Demon Book
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