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Velvet Green

Песня с альбома Jethro TullSongs from the Wood

Walking on Velvet Green -
Scots Pine growing.
Isn't it rare to be taking the air,
shinning -
Walking on Velvet Green.

Walking on Velvet Green
Distant cows lowing.
NNever a care: with you legs in the air,
loving -
Walking on Velvet Green.

Won't you have my company, yes, take
it in your hand.
Go down, on Velvet Green, with
a country-n n.
Who's a young girl' fancy
and maid's dream.
Tell your mother that you walked all
night on Velvet Green.

One dusky half-hour's ride up to the
There lies your reputation and all that
you're worth.
Where the scent of wild roses turns the
milk to cream.
Tell your mother that you walked all
night on Velvet Green.

And the long grass blows in the evening
And August's rare delitesmay be April's
But think not of that my love, I'm tight
against the seam.
And I'm growing up to meet you down on
Velvet Green.

Now I may tell you that it's love and
not just lust.
And if we live the lie, let's lie in trust
On golden daffodils, to cath the silver
That washes out the the wild oat seed on
Velvet Green.

We'll dream as lovers under the stars:
Of civilisation raging afar.
And the ragged dawn breaks on your
battle scars
As you walk home cold and alone upon
Velvet Green.
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