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Pibroch (Cap In Hand)

Песня с альбома Jethro TullSongs from the Wood

There's a light in the house
in the wood
in the valley
There's a thought in the head of the man
Who carries his dreams
like the coat slung
on his shoulder,
Bringing your love
in the cup
in his hand.

And each step he takes is one
half of a life-time:
No word he would say could you
So he boundles his regrets
into a gesture of sorrow,
Bringing your love
cup in hand.

Catching breath, as he looks
through the dinning-room window:
Candle-lit table for two
has been laid.
Strange slippers by the fire:
Strange boots in the hall-way.
Put my cup on my head -
I turn
and walk away.
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