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Seal Driver

Песня с альбома Jethro TullThe Broadsword and the Beast

Take you away for my magic ship
I have two hundred deisel horses thundering loud
Sea birds call your name and the mountains on fire
As the summer lightning cuts the sky like a hot wire
And you ride on the swell and your heart is alive
Think I'll make you my seal driver.

I'm no great looker, I'm no fast shakes
I'll give you a steady push on a six knot simmering high tide
I can hold us down - keep our head to the wind
Or let us roll on the broadside, cold spray flying in
And we'll ride on the swell and our hearts are alive
Let me make you my seal driver.

I could captain you if you'd crew for me
Follow white flecked spindrift - float on a moon-kissed sea

Could you fancy me as a pirate bold
Or a long ship Viking warrior with the old gods on his side
Well, I,m an inshore man and I'm nobody hero
But I'll make you tight for a windy night and a dark ride
Let me take you in hand and bring you alive
Going to make you my seal driver.
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