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Lap Of Luxury

Песня с альбома Jethro TullUnder Wraps

The money won't last forever -
Rent man called twice today
I hope some day you'll find me
In the Lap Of Luxury

Searched for a new apartment
But they drow on trees
Just want to lay my head
In the Lap Of Luxury

Stepped out on a new horizon
Felt a new spring in my feet
Found a job, it could set me up
Dangling in the Lap of Luxury

And the gaffer is a man of substance
Drives a Jag and takes high tea
Lives beyond the industrial Wasteland
Laughing in the Lap of Luxury

I need money, now, to soothe my heart !

Buy me a Datsun or Toyota
Get the tax man to agree
All expenses I can muster
From the Lap of Luxury
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