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Once You Love Somebody

Песня с альбома JourneyRaised on Radio

Two young hearts lost in love they vow to stay
Running wild they believe they've found a way
Filled with hope, she's the dream, she understands you
Now this time he'll hold on, she'll never leave him
They'll never let go 'cause

Once you love somebody (once you love), there's no turning back (turning back)
It can burn forever, it can haunt you, haunt you in the night

How can lovers just turn and walk away
Loneliness is an edge that cuts both ways
So easy to fall, so hard to get over



So easy to fall, so hard to get over


(Once you love somebody) once you love, (they can break your heart) no no no
It can burn forever, letting go, that's the hardest part
(Once you love somebody, once you love somebody)...
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