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Raised On Radio

Песня с альбома JourneyRaised on Radio

Steadily come and do the locomotion
Lucilla is knocking but she can't come in, rock and roll babe
See see rider, rama lama ding dong
Let the good times roll, my sweet sixteen, my Mabelene

The great pretender, return to sender, I wonder what goes on in love
Yeah Louie Louie, those drive-in movies, Johnnie Angel rocks around the clock

Mister deejay, make a delegation
'Cos I'm all shook up on Peggy Sue, I'm mister Blue
The hits keep rockin', station to station
In the middle of my hacienda, oh, my shuttle belle

And I've got my thrill, on Blueberry Hill, with our love letters in the sand
Bee-bop bop-a-lula, she'll love me tender, 'cos Jambolion sleeps tonight

(Radio, radio) we're all raised on (radio, radio), I want my radio
(Radio, radio) radio (radio)


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