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Metal Gods

Песня с альбома Judas PriestBritish Steel

Variant 1
We're taken too much for granted
And all the time in control
Protect no secret for splendid
Involve the melody soul
Watching in the street
Dragging eye and face
Lisser than you asked
Wrapping metal gods
They both never seen my profession
Well we could do as we please
And seeker see the solution
Was spreading light can't desist
Hiding in the ground
Knowing we did fair
Hearing for our lies
Big fun roll up side
Metal gods...
I've been up setting all over
With man kind in the command
Inside my love you discover
How we committed the man
Back to be the seize
To their wickin' ways
But mixing what I've got
Ain't got in motorist
Variant 2
We taken too much programme then
And now the time is second
Protect no seed bud planted
The programme my love is sold
Marching in the street
Driving iron fist
Lace of spinning heart
Raping melt of heart
For nothing see by profession
Well we do as we please
In sicker sinner infection
Was spreading like disease
Hiding on the ground
Knowing we deserve
Fearing for our lies
Ride by road outside
Metal gods...
I see no track on old road
With mankind in that command
Inside that land you discover
How they to make that damage
By to be the size
To them weaken ways
But meeting out death
In golden mountain break
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