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Call For The Priest / Raw Deal

Песня с альбома Judas PriestSin After Sin

I made a spy about night at Hongkong Saturday
Oh lies the spring bird as I walk to the Universe
And see the day we guide who fool to meet the dim in dune
Up up the cause railroad to New York fire island
I can't stay joy stay in ecstasy
I'm hold up to the colour at end it come pretty
I'm said the colour spaces now give me you burden
The mirror of a woman collected now till I hold everybody
stop the feeling your boss action
I see through the earth I saw a contract
Laid set so En Judas
I had to write only God knows
Straight to the light set is alright
Sex like a Gurglar wrapped in shadow
Now early only priest not the caller
Through the bridge was be not a man was human right right
I came a night I am a hit matter
Oh well oh Lord
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