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Песня с альбома Judas PriestStained Class

It must to heaven stranding through the door
Looking like a comet slicing through the morn
Starting in horizon waiting to the land
Now to see a monster aged father hand
Stand by more exciter selfish into this test
Everything that is success but I think to express
Getting get close to you saw you in this strip
But you smoke smoker please up open sin
Why does it should fix you the bridge that you pain
Here we distance now call on your niece and attention to be
Who is distance where is the love
Exciter to know for everyone
Never see him but you will taste
The bible from your touch
Stop to make a help up of the stage that you are in
Look around and wake you would see the loud again
So much salty dallions the result in shut that dies
Let it in and compress silly to the guarding line
What he believe in mistouch with compose to dance
Oh, so bad in running but it's trouble than
It's running myself nothing into world
Holy weather soldier will his job began
Stand by more exciter
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