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Песня с альбома Judas PriestStained Class

Who gives you the right to come here and tell me
I have to replace place my home
You would it a jungle to me it's a kingdom
My people are free and roam
Complain the stars we are happy and this will go
Now we won't leave don't disturb
But you rob in the forest work out and to fill amber
Fill from your searching from home
Savage who is savage bring you sorrow save your train
Savage you are savage but regret and take the pain
Voice and my tribe was silver light progress
But rising our world wore deceive
Your present nobody but sadness and suffering
Thing in the Chopali will peace
Why don't we done deserve of change just
Explain to cos pleasure as you can
But you can, but you can, you can see it in your eyes
Are spoke to certain mild and man
Who is savage mighty man...
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