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Beyond The Realms Of Death

Песня с альбома Judas PriestStained Class

That's enough I couldn't take it anymore
We found a place and it's mine you slam the door
No matter how they try they couldn't understand
They washed and trashed him let him my hand
Yeah I left the world behind
I sit down with my mind
We speak with my only mind
This is sky light, this is sky light I'm beside of you
We try it sit down yeah to the space
No sign of life woodpecker on his space
Until one day you smile it seems as through with pride
The wind blow is this goodbye and resoice
Keep the world with love and sin
It's not been lonelyness yeah or glorious
It can be take forever... to win
How many life in are they still
Put you a song see me good last to well
They lying thousand and get lost
It's nothing but this better world yeah
Keep the world with love and sin
It's next been for minutes
Hero's End
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