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Rock You All Around The World

Песня с альбома Judas PriestTurbo

In the cities of the World, You know
every boy and girl
Goes crazy to the beat of rock n' roll
And as the volume is soaring, all the
crowd is roaring
Let it roll

Well, we don't care in the least, cause
our metal is a feast
But there's always someone trying to
out it down
So we crank the music louder. And our
voices turn to pwer
With a wall of sound we'll blow 'em
all away

Rock you all around the World
We're gonna rock. We're gonna roll
We're gonna shake you down
We're gonna lose control

No one can hold us down, just look
around and see
This generation's getting up, and
breakin' free

Rock you all around the World
We're gonna rock, wee're gonna
rock you.
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