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Out In The Cold

Песня с альбома Judas PriestTurbo

I'm layin' awake at night. I can't get
you out of my mind
All I can hear is my heart beat. And a
voice in the dark of some kind

Where are you now. The fears are
comin' back to me once again.
Oh, I wish you were here. Takin' good
care of me
I want you, I feel as though I'm out
in the cold

Out in the cold, hear me calling
Cold. Out in the cold please rescue me

I know it was you I hurt. I didn't mean
to hurt you
So much to forgive and forget
Can't take anymore of this hurt. On no,
Oh no
There's so many things I regret
You shut me out. Where are you now
I need you, and I'm so cold
Can't you hear my heart beat

Give me a chance baby
There's nothing I wouldn't do to make
it alright
Just for one more chance baby
I need all your lovin' tonight.
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