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Песня с альбома TaprootWelcome

If life was a game could I win in the end
And if I was sane would I fuck it up all over again
These questions and answers can help me redefine myself
And I thank your open ears for all their help

Is what I see for myself
I need to change for my health
I need a better way of life for myself

If I stay the same how long will I last?
Yet if I change will I still just be alone and typecast?
Professional answers can't help me to design myself
So I thank your open arms for all their help

Caressing gateways of the mind over matter through space as time
Heals wounds inspiring gifts of light inside myself just need some time
Just need some time to myself to figure it out
Cause I've got no doubt then when my dreams come true
It's because of you and the fact that I let you and I thank you

Inside ourselves just need more time
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