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Prince of the Rodeo

Песня с альбома TurbonegroDarkness Forever! Between the Lines in Hamburg and Oslo!

I love this song!

Hi-ridin` daddy-o
Spur-hump heyho let's go
Fornicator of the lasso
Sperminator of the asshole
Prince of the rodeo
Shoot the chute
Pull the flute
I`m back in the saddle-
the world's most promising cowboy

Low-ridin` daddy-o
Sexy denim romeo
Rhinestone homo rock `n roll
Buns of steel geronimo
Prince of the rodeo
Jerk theat calf
I'm back in the saddle-
the world's most progressive cowboy

And don't forget the clown

I'm ridin high, I'm ridin` low
Prince of the rodeo.
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